Massages & Therapies

Classic Massage

25 Min. CHF   70.-

50 Min. CHF 120.-

80 MIn. CHF 190.-

The classic massage is excellent to release muscle tension and for relaxation.

Sportmassage / Deep Tissue Massage

25 Min. CHF   70.-

50 Min. CHF 120.-

80 MIn. CHF 190.-

The sports massage is a strong and deep treatment for specific muscle regeneration.


25 Min. CHF  70.-

50 Min. CHF 120.-

The reflexology treats specific zones of the feet, which reflects to our whole body.

Kombi Reflex 

50 Min. CHF 120.-

80 MIn. CHF 190.-

This treatment is a combination of classic massage and reflexology.

Triggerpoint Therapy

50 - 60 Min. CHF 130.-

80 - 90 MIn. CHF 200.-

The trigger point treatment is a specific muscle therapy for many different issues.

Dorn - und Breuss Therapy

50 - 60 Min. CHF 130.-

80 - 90 MIn. CHF 200.-

The soft spine therapy helps to treat locked vertebras as well as other joints, which can cause a lot of other problems.

Liebscher & Bracht Pain Therapy 

50 - 60 Min. CHF 130.-

80 - 90 MIn. CHF 200.-

Pain has a meaning and are a sign of the body to point 

out that we are about to harm him.

Roland Liebscher-Bracht discovered with his wife Dr. med. Petra Bracht 

that pathological muscle programs are responsible for most of today's widespread pain.

Causes of many pains are misprogrammed muscle states due to bad posture, 

lack of movement or one-sided movement.The musculature shortens and stores 

this information as his new truth. This is finally the result of overloading the joints and spine.

The osteopressure treatment on the bone carried out by Liebscher-Brachts 

misprogrammed muscle states deleted within a short period of time. 

The therapeutic special stretches, which are practiced in the treatment, store 

the new length in the musculature. Pain is therefore superfluous and 

the patient gets a whole new attitude towards life.

Hot Stone 

50 Min. CHF 120.-

80 MIn. CHF 190.-

This massage with warm lava stones helps to release tensions as well as to relax.

AromaTouch – Therapie 

50 Min. CHF 120.- 

The AromaTouch® - relaxation on a holistic level

8 different essential oils of therapeutic quality are applied in a specific order to 

the energy zones of the back as well as the feet and gently worked into the skin. 

The oils are highly effective on the mental and physical level and have a balancing, 

cell cleansing and regenerating effect. It offers a profoundly perceptible experience 

of well-being for the entire body and represents a new era in the use of essential 

oils and their benefits for health.

Stress Management

Balance of the vegetative nervous system

Strengthening the immune system

Prevention or reduction of inflammatory reactions in the body

Regeneration through deep mental and physical relaxation

Wellness Special 

2h CHF 290.-

3h CHF 390.-

Combination of: Classic Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Head Massage 

and if you are taking the 3 hour Wellness special you get a Face mask too.

Gemstone Massage

50 Min. CHF 120.-

80 MIn. CHF 190.-

This soft, harmonious and fragrant gemstone massage is made with special selected Gemstones and oils.

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